RCZ helps at-risk people and groups receive justice through the volunteer work by our lawyers. Our lawyers allocate part of their time every day to defending the interests of the most vulnerable and of foundations and other non-profit organizations.

We maintain an ongoing tie with the community, either through the cases that come to the Pro Bono Foundation or other private causes. This implies our involvement in different cases and matters that go beyond private interests.

Our firm becomes truly immersed in each of the pro bono cases we accept, many of them highly public because there has been a huge violation of individual rights. By our acceptance, we assume a commitment, both individually and as a firm, to guarantee justice for many people and groups who have no access to legal representation, separate from the pro bono work that we handle through the organizations of which we are members.

Ciro Colombara is currently a member of the Pro Bono Foundation’s Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of the Pro Bono Network of the Americas. Rodrigo Zegers R. is a member of the Pro Bono Foundation’s Advisory Board.