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Ignacio Rivadeneira

Ignacio has focused his practice on complex litigation, both national and international.  He has handled other types of disputes and been legal counsel in connection with corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, the securities market, dispute prevention and resolution, and strategic counseling.

Corporate Law, Human Rights and Public Interest, Litigation and Arbitration, Regulation and Competition, International Litigation and Disputes.

Ignacio joined RCZ in 2014 and before that, he was Director of Research and Content of the Office of the President of Chile (2010-2015). Prior to that, he was Office Director of the Office of the President of Chile (2011-2012).

Prior to his work for the Government, he worked at Philippi, Yrarrázaval, Pulido & Brunner Abogados (2003-2007), specifically in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions. He worked for Rivadeneira, González y Zegers Abogados from 1999 to 2003 handling complex criminal civil and administrative litigation.

Degree in Legal and Social Sciences, University of Chile Law School (graduating summa cum laude in 1999).

Master in Public Administration, Harvard University (2007-2009), Fulbright Scholarship, Fulbright Commission (2007-2009).

Diploma in Economics and Finance, University of Chile (2000).

International Visitor, U.S. Department of State, and WorldBoston NGO Emerging Leaders Program (April-May 2004).

Aid in the Department of Public Law, University of Chile Law School (1996-2006).