Practices Areas


As a result of the globalization and growing presence of Chilean companies abroad, organizations have had to adapt to the new regulatory compliance requirements under Law 20,393, that established the criminal liability of legal entities.

The RCZ compliance team is known for the vast experience of our lawyers in preventing, investigating and litigating complex criminal cases. Based on that experience, we are able to design and implement crime prevention models and effective regulatory compliance systems tailored to the true needs of our clients, capable of being adapted quickly in the face of new requirements by the Office of the Public Prosecutor or other authorities.

Our team is dedicated to putting crime prevention models in place according to the requirements in Law 20,393. It secures their certification, the design of structures and protocols for compliance with Law 19,913 (that created the Financial Analysis Unit), and generally, it implements management and control tools to mitigate the risk of a regulatory breach of the different sectorial regulations.