Practices Areas

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery is a complicated field that is found at the intersection of different legal disciplines. Precautionary measures, tracking and asset freeze orders, insolvency law–above all when it is cross-border–, comparative doctrines on piercing the corporate veil, systems to prevent money laundering, white collar crimes, and rules on fiduciary duties are fundamental parts of this practice and matters in which the RCZ team is expert.

In each of these disciplines, we have developed formulas to recover assets after fraud and corruption and to sue anyone who has facilitated asset concealment and dissipation. Thanks to the networks our firm has created, we have been able to recover money and assets abroad as requested by our clients, many of them receivers, liquidators or government authorities charged with resolving swindles, fraudulent bankruptcies, white collar crimes like corruption and liability for the facilitation of unlawful activities.