Solutions tailored to the most complex challenges: we think and act differently.

We are experts in complex interdisciplinary litigation, and we provide strategic global counsel to both individuals and companies. Our team can design and achieve the right solution, knowing how crucial it is to act quickly.


Our Story

Rivadeneira Colombara Zegers (RCZ) came to be after the merger of two law firms in 2009: Rivadeneira Zegers, founded in 1990 by Ricardo Rivadeneira Monreal and Rodrigo Zegers Reyes, and ColombaraOlmedo, founded in 1999 by Ciro Colombara.  Over the past 10 years, we have created a style, culture and record characterized by excellence and expeditiousness. We have also gained prestige for our success in designing solutions for our clients in complex, decisive disputes and lawsuits in all areas of the law.

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Today, RCZ is entering a new stage, one where it is endeavoring to ensure that its brand will transcend the founding partners and that tradition and experience are combined with the innovation and agility required to endure as a legal boutique of excellence in the 21st century. Being a local law firm is no longer enough, given globalization, so we are active members of diverse expert networks through which we can expand our legal solutions beyond our borders. Our firm is the Chilean member of Roxin Alliance, an international business crime law network, and an active member of the North American-Chilean Chamber of Commerce. The U.S. Embassy has also recommended our services because of the record and quality of our professionals.


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Pro Bono

Social responsibility is a standard that we respect and champion. RCZ believes that everyone, regardless of their social and economic status, is entitled to justice, above all when their rights have been violated. That is why we are strongly committed to pro bono work, which translates into an active membership in the Pro Bono Foundation of Chile (Fundación Pro Bono) and the free representation of any person, entity or institution needing it.

Ciro Colombara is currently a member of the Pro Bono Foundation’s Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of the Pro Bono Network of the Americas. Rodrigo Zegers R. is a member of the Pro Bono Foundation’s Advisory Board.